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I'm Azra Alagic, a Health and Wellness Journalist, Behavioural Change Specialist, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I love researching and learning about health and wellness, nutrition, and longevity or otherwise known as biohacking!

I've struggled with my health for years, from leaky gut syndrome to severe migraines, and auto immune issues and have biohacked my body to get healthier and stronger.

I've become passionate about wanting to share my health and wellness findings with others to help them optimise their health. Biohackher is your one-stop platform where you can learn the latest biohacks to optimise your health to live well longer.

Let's get to know each other!

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Biohackher - Live Well Longer

Biohackher is a book that every mid-life woman needs NOW! This is not a diet book, but a book about how to ensure you don’t become frail or lose mobility as you age and how you can empower yourself to prevent chronic disease through easy and simple, low, or no cost, biohacks.

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