About the book

Biohackher is a book that every mid-life woman needs NOW! This is not a diet book, but a book about how to ensure you don’t become frail or lose mobility as you age and how you can empower yourself to prevent chronic disease through easy and simple, low, or no cost, biohacks.

Learn about the secrets to living well longer now, by understanding what impacts longevity and what the root causes of disease are, enabling you to make better choices to prevent them - and it's not that hard!

Biohackher is your beginner's guide to biohacks that will help you nurture and nourish your body to help you feel fabulous for longer. It will challenge you to think differently about ageing and support you to fight against the physical and mental decline that comes with ageing.

Azra’s holistic approach to improving health for mid-life women gets you feeling young and vibrant again so your healthspan increases.

You’ll be guided to:

  • learn what longevity is and how you can start to improve yours
  • implement small daily changes (hacktivities) that can add healthier years to your life
  • start developing your personalised biohacking plan that’s right for you.

Based on research from the latest scientific longevity studies, Biohackher will quickly become your foundational beginner's guide to living well longer.

Azra Alagic is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specialising in longevity, a Behavioural Change Specialist, and a Health and Wellness Journalist.

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