What the heck is biohacking?

What the heck is biohacking?

Data hackers get their kicks out of hacking into computers and breaking codes to get the information they need.

Biohacking is kind of the same. Your body has a unique code – a bio-blueprint that you can hack at a cellular and genetic level to achieve a healthier, longer, youthful life maintained for longer than normal.

Essentially, it’s taking control of your biology and trying different biohack techniques, like diet or lifestyle changes, to improve your health and wellness.

So how do you biohack?

Understanding how your body functions is the first step. No two bodies are the same and what works well for me, may not work well for you in the same way.

Your blood pressure may be higher than mine, I might have a different diet to you, and then for us women there are hormonal considerations.

These, and more, have an influence on how you biohack. There are many scientific ways to biohack your body, including using new technology like infrared light and cryotherapy, but there are some super easy biohacks you can implement right now from the safety of your home.

Five biohacks you can start now. 

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