About me

Hi beautiful!

Thank you for visiting my blog. You’re probably wondering who I am, so let me fill you in on the story that is me. I’m a 53 year YOUNG mum of three, and have had a keen interest in health and wellness for about the past 10 years.

I have lived most of my life on the gorgeous Gold Coast in sunny Queensland which has instilled in me a love for the outdoors, and keeping fit and healthy.

My pending mortality really hit home though when I turned 50. I thought – I’ve already lived half my life! I must admit, I had a minor meltdown but quickly focused on turning it into a mid-life renewal.

I want to make damn well sure that my next fifty are going to be equally filled with adventures, good health and fun times – and the only way to enjoy life well, is to ensure we remain healthy and age well – right?

I put my journalist cap on and started researching the biohacking world. What I found was that there weren’t a lot of women out there focused on ensuring they remain healthy from the inside out when it comes to anti-ageing. The focus was predominantly on the outside – our skin, our hair etc. and dieting. It seemed to be a space dominated by men (what else is new!) and while the tips from the likes of the awesome Ben Greenfield and super legend Tony Robbins are applicable to both sexes, I wanted to explore whether the ‘feminine way’ required a different path.

I’m going to use my journalism, academic and corporate consultancy experience and skills to investigate the latest advances in tackling ageing and facilitating longevity. I'm also a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specialising in longevity.

I’ll bring this information to you here on my blog and break it down in simple, easy to understand terms; taking the hard work out for you. I’ll also become a human guinea pig and will be trialling the latest biohacking products. My hope is that you will join me on this journey of how to live well longer; to create a space where we share ideas and new findings well into our centenary years!


I want to be clear that I’m not a medical expert nor do I come from a scientific background. My opinions, reviews and experiences are based on me undertaking detailed research and trialling products or activities. What I do bring is the every day person’s perspective on biohacking based on my own journey.